Keynote Talks

Rosa M. Badia Manager of the Workflows and Distributed Computing Group Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Simplifying the development of complex workflows for distributed computing infrastructures (Rosa M Badia)



Recognizing the world's flora: dream or reality? (Hervé Goëau)



Promoting Collaborations in HPC throughout Latin-America: The case of SDumont/SINAPAD (Antônio Tadeu A. Gomes)


Invited Talks


Performance-Driven Floating-Point Tuning for GPU Applications (Ignacio Laguna)



New Systems, New Projects: PSC's HPC, HPAI, and Data Journey Continues (Paola Buitrago)


Daisuke Kihara Professor Department of Computer Science Department of Biological Sciences  Purdue University

Computational protein 3D structure modeling from cryo-electron microscopy density maps (Daisuke Kihara)



Deep learning and mathematical morphology for biomedical applications (Etienne Decencière)


Rodrigo Mora Associate Professor within the Faculty of Microbiology Masters Program in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology University of Costa Rica

Complex networks of miRNA-transcription factors mediating gene dosage compensation (Rodrigo Mora)


Industry Talks

Albert Trill, MSc Atos HPC & Quantum Senior Expert

Current challenges and Trends in the design of HPC systems (Albert Trill)


Joaquim Munoz Merino HPC Leader LatAm

Dell EMC HPC Solutions Portfolio. Making innovation real with the convergence of HPC and AI (Joaquim Munoz Merino)


The Journey of Memory-Driven Computing (Fabio Alves)


The Convergence of HPC and AI: How Lenovo is addressing this trend (Jaime Puente)