Chair: Sergio Nesmachnow


 - Optimizing Big Data Network Transfers in FPGA SoC Clusters: TECBrain Case Study (Paper) 
Luis G. León-Vega, Kaleb Alfaro-Badilla, Alfonso Chacón-Rodríguez, Carlos Salazar-García
- GPU Support for Automatic Generation of Finite-Differences Stencil Kernels (Paper)
Vitor Hugo Mickus Rodrigues, Lucas Cavalcante, Maelso Pereira, Fabio Luporini, István Reguly, Gerard Gorman, Samuel Xavier de Souza 
- Performance-Driven Floating-Point Tuning for GPU Applications (Invited Talk)
Ignacio Laguna, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


Chair: Juan Esquivel


- Matching of EM Map segments to structurally-relevant bio-molecular regions (Paper)
Manuel Zumbado-Corrales, Luis Castillo-Valverde, José Salas-Bonilla, Julio Víquez-Murillo, Daisuke Kihara, Juan Esquivel-Rodriguez
- Computational protein 3D structure modeling from cryo-electron microscopy density maps (Invited Talk)
Daisuke Kihara, Purdue University
- High-resolution computation modeling of immune responses in the gut (Invited Talk)
Stefan Hoops, University of Virginia



Coffee and snacks


Chair: Álvaro de la Ossa


- Recognizing the world's flora: dream or reality? (Keynote Talk)
Hervé Goëau, Centre de coopération internationale en recherche 

- The Journey of Memory-Driven Computing (Industry Talk)
Fabio Alves, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise  


Casado (Costa Rican dish)


Chair: Nick Nystrom


 - A Load Balancing Algorithm for Fog Computing Environment (Paper)
Eder Paulo Pereira, Ivania Fischer, Roseclea D. Medina, Emmanuell D. Carreno, Edson Luiz Padoin
- Multi-objective configuration of a secured distributed cloud data storage (Paper)
Luis Enrique García-Hernández, Andrei Tchernykh, Vanessa Miranda, Mikhail Babenko, Arutyun Avetisyan, Raul Rivera-Rodriguez, Gleb Radchenko, Carlos Jaime Barrios-Hernandez, Harold Castro, Alexander Yu. Drozdov
-  Collaborative Development and Use of Scientific Applications in Orlando Tools: Integration, Delivery, and Deployment (Paper)
Alexander Feoktistov, Sergey Gorsky, Ivan Sidorov, Igor Bychkov, Andrei Tchernykh, Alexei Edelev
- Towards a Platform to evaluate the impact of Resource Information Distribution in IoT Environments (Paper)
Paula Verghelet, Esteban Mocskos


Chair: Felipe Meza


- Enhancing speech recorded from a wearable sensor using a collection of autoencoders (Paper)
Astryd González-Salazar, Michelle Gutiérrez-Muñoz, Marvin Coto-Jimenez
- An Experimental Study on Fundamental Frequency Detection in Reverberated Speech with Pre-trained Recurrent Neural Networks (Paper)
Andrei Alfaro-Picado, Stacy Solís-Cerdas, Marvin Coto-Jimenez
-  Assessing the Robustness of Recurrent Neural Networks for Enhancing the Spectrum of Reverberated Speech (Paper)
Carolina Paniagua, Marisol Zeledón-Córdoba, Marvin Coto-Jimenez
- A Performance Evaluation of Several Artificial Neural Networks for Mapping Speech Spectrum Parameters  (Paper)
Victor Yeom-Song, Marisol Zeledón-Córdoba, Marvin Coto-Jimenez


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 - Estimating the redshift of galaxies from their photometric colors using machine learning methods
Felipe Meza
- Asynchronous Fault Detection and Recovery for MPI
Maria Pantoja, Chris Lupo, Elie Saliba
- Instance segmentation for automated weeds and crops detection in farmlands
Adán Mora-Fallas, Hervé Goëau, Alexis Joly, Pierre Bonnet, Erick Mata-Montero
- Evaluating Resilience of Deep Learning Models
Elvis Rojas, Esteban Meneses, Bogdan Nicolae
- Reducing the two dimensional Green functions: Fourier mode decomposition
Juan Pablo Mallarino, Alejandro Ferrero
- Gaussian mixture analysis of basic meteorological parameters: Temperature and relative humidity
Mariela Abdalah, Javier Rodríguez, Daniel Alvarado
- Proposal for metabolic flux pathways comparison
Esteban Arias-Méndez, Alonso Montero-Marín, Francisco J. Torres-Rojas
- Understanding Variable Performance on Deep MIL Framework for the Acoustic Detection of Tropical Birds
Jorge Castro, Roberto Vargas-Masís, Danny Alfaro-Rojas
- Serialization of a 3D Human Body based on MoCap Data in a BVH File for Sequence Comparison
Natalia Abarca Jiménez, Francisco Siles
- Heat extraction validation of a cooling geometry tested in air and liquid conditions for a humanoid robot BLDC motor actuator
Mauricio Rodriguez


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                 Casual  attire